THE SEVENTH ART STAND is a nationwide screening and discussion series
presented by 50+ theaters, museums, and community centers in 25 states,
as an act of cinematic solidarity against Islamophobia.

MAY 2017


  • Honolulu, HI @ Doris Duke Foundation: Opening talk with Attorney General Doug Chin, Wikipedia Edit-a-thons, Amnesty International workshops to combat racism, etc.
  • Detroit, MI @ Arab American Museum: Town hall discussion w/ expert of panelists to discuss the travel bans and Somali immigration, w/ support from City of Detroit
  • Madison, WI @ Various Venues: In support of Milwaukee Muslim Women's Coalition and their Milwaukee Muslim Film Festival, the largest in the U.S.
  • NYC (Harlem) @ Maysles Documentary Center: Malcolm X Tribute in historic black Harlem, in honor of his birthday
  • Portland, ME @ SPACE Gallery: Discussions with Pious Ali, Muslim City Councillor and Somali students, reflecting the city's growing Somali community
  • Minneapolis, MN @ Trylon: In close coordination with Mizna, the Arab American Organization, and sponsored by Committee in Solidarity with the People of Syria (CISPOS), with all proceeds donated to the Syrian American Medical Society

    & many more, which you can find on the SCREENINGS page!





Who: Representatives of the film and literary world have come together to support the initiative. Some of the many supporters include Woody Harrelson, Evgeny Afineevsky, Laurie Anderson, Ramin Bahrani, Amir Bar-Lev, Wajahat Ali, Preacher Moss, Sayed Badreya, Charles Baxter, Joe Berlinger, John Beug, Jon Bowermaster, Nick Broomfield, Steve Buscemi, Jonathan Demme, Nick Flynn, Bart Freundlich, Sacha Gervasi, Keith Gordon, Rachel Griffin, Paul Haggis, Mary Harron, William Horberg, Azazel Jacobs, Dan Janvey, Barbara Kopple, Neil LaBute, Jonathan Lethem, Ron Mann, Natalie Merchant, Ricky Moody, Brett Morgan, Louis Psihoyos, Alysia Reiner, Richard Russo, Erin Sax, Tanya Selvaratnam, Mark Slouka,  Robert Stone, John Turturro, John Walsh and Debra Winger among many others.


Additional Details: Films will include Asghar Farhadi’s Oscar-winning The Salesman and Starless Skies (Iran), Karama Has No Walls and The Mulberry House (Yemen), Fishing Without Nets (Somalia) and About Baghdad (Iraq), among many other features, as well as a short film program for youth. A number of films will be specific to the American Muslim experience, including The Letter: An American Town and the Somali Invasion, American Arab, and Searching Skies: a narrative short film and media campaign to combat Islamophobia and foster intercommunity dialogue.


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